Letter to Fr. Bieil: The Discernment of a Philosophical Vocation

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Friday, November 8th from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. We will be discussing “Letter to Fr. Bieil: The Discernment of a Philosophical Vocation” by Maurice Blondel from the Summer 2018 (Volume 45.2) issue of Communio entitled “Priesthood, Consecration, Marriage: Is Love Possible? A Symposium Discerning the Signs of the Times”.

For background to the letter, you could also read “A Critical Introduction to Blondel’s ‘Letter to Fr. Bieil'” by Emmanuel Tourpe from the same issue.

For some context about the reception of Blondel, Dcn. Charles recommends that we also read “Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology and the Triumph of Maurice Blondel” by William L. Portier. It can be downloaded from here.

Location: We will meet in the Kateri Room located at St. Michael’s Church, 240 Hemlock Street, Waterloo, Ontario. Use the east side parking lot and enter by the rear doors. Walk up the stairs. And the Kateri Room is on your right before enter the church proper.

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