Three Rivers: Memory as Mediation and Mission in Purgatorio and Paradiso

You are invited to attend our next monthly meeting to be held on Friday, June 14th from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

We will be discussing “Three Rivers: Memory as Mediation and Mission in Purgatorio and Paradiso” by Mary Taylor from the Summer 2023 issue entitled Memory (Volume 50.2).

Here are excerpt from the Introduction to the issue:
Mary Taylor dwells on the pervasive motif of memory in Dante’s Divine Comedy in “Three Rivers: Memory as Mediation and Mission in Purgatorio and Paradiso.” Recollecting and repenting his sin, the pilgrim Dante is transformed in his ascent through initiation into the mystical body’s communal memory of God for the sake of his future mission of poetic testimony to divine love. The purification that he undergoes and his personal experience of ineffable mystery in the vision of the Trinity are, therefore, features of his role as a mediator of the sacred tradition. “[N]atural memory cleansed and renewed as part of healing confession in purgatory is surpassed in paradise, engulfed in God, suffused with grace, in order to become a channel for the living memory of Christ in his body extended through time, the Church.”

We will meet in the Kateri Room located at St. Michael’s Church, 240 Hemlock Street, Waterloo, Ontario. Use the east side parking lot and enter by the rear doors. Walk up the stairs. The Kateri Room is on your right before you enter the church proper.

Saturday, June 29th – St. Michael Church, Waterloo – 10:00am to 2:00pm
Study Day – “A Brief Catechesis on Nature and Grace” by Henri de Lubac
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Note that in July we will be discussing “A Modern Genealogy of the Metaphysics of Information” by Marco Stango. The article is available from here.

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