On Art in Our Churches + Creativity and Tradition

We have a new time!

You are invited to attend our next monthly meeting to be held on Friday, March 8th from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. We will be discussing “On Art in Our Churches” by Martin Mosebach and “Creativity and Tradition: A Framework for Sacred Music” by Mary Catherine Levri, both from the Summer 2023 issue entitled Memory (Volume 50.2).

Here are excerpts from the Introduction to the issue:
Martin Mosebach, in “On Art in Our Churches,” observes that the Hebrew prohibition against images of God is upheld in Christianity because God himself has supplied his own definitive image in Jesus Christ. This confession stands behind the careful regulation of icons, which stands in marked contrast to the approach of secular religious art that emerged in the Renaissance. Unlike the masterpiece of a modern genius, “nderneath some Greek icons, instead of a signature, there are the words, ‘created by an unworthy hand.’ This could also be engraved on the base of a Lourdes statue.” Mosebach signals that a faithful return to the humble form of images that have always served the Church’s worship can still guide the religious artist in our day.

Mary Catherine Levri, in “Creativity and Tradition: A Framework for Sacred Music,” reflects on the paradox of originality in fidelity, focusing on the task of the sacred musician. “The alignment of the vision of the artist with the vision of the Church is not a matter of tradition stifling the identity of the artist, but of the artist allowing his own identity to be exchanged with that of the Lord.” Commenting on three noteworthy compositions, Levri shows how the reverent incorporation of elements of liturgical tradition, here Gregorian chant, frees the unmistakable character of these pieces while serving to direct their listeners to the praise of God.

We will meet in the Kateri Room located at St. Michael’s Church, 240 Hemlock Street, Waterloo, Ontario. Use the east side parking lot and enter by the rear doors. Walk up the stairs. The Kateri Room is on your right before you enter the church proper.

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