Henry Edward Manning: Reflections on some of his theological concerns

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Friday, February 11th, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. We will be discussing “Henry Edward Manning: Reflections on some of his theological concerns” by our very own Peter Erb, who will be joining us.

The following is taken from the opening of Peter’s paper:
For some years now, I have been “finishing” an edition of Cardinal Henry Edward Manning’s “Later Reminiscences.” The whole comprises some 178 pages. The piece was begun at the “Vatican. Feb[ruary] 18. 1878,” the day on which Cardinal Pecci was elected on a third ballot and the day following was consecrated as Leo XIII. Manning was still working on this draft on “Dec[ember] 23. 1882,” and, in all likelihood, in the years following before his death on January 14, 1892. I was first made aware of the existence of the piece in the summer of 2000. A year later in Angers. in the summer of 2001, my wife, Betty, and I were able to transcribe it, housed, as we were then with what remained of some of the scattered the Manning manuscripts, in a spacious, grand upper-apartment, (178 steps from the ground – we did count them – nearly the number of pages in his Reminiscences!) The paper which follows is an analysis of his first sermon which he published as an Anglican, and provides some sense of the way in which his earliest work unfolded and, in fact, the manner in which I interpret his life as a whole.

By the way, Cardinal Manning was a contemporary of Cardinal Newman. If you want to learn more about Cardinal Manning, consider clicking here (not necessarily endorsed by Peter).

We plan to hold a hybrid meeting over zoom with an in-person option at the Newman Centre Guelph, 325 Gordon Street, Guelph, where we will meet in Newman House (south building).

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