The Emperor’s (New) New Clothes: The Logic of the New ‘Gender Ideology’

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Friday, November 13th from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. We will be discussing “The Emperor’s (New) New Clothes: The Logic of the New ‘Gender Ideology’” by Margaret H. McCarthy from the Fall-Winter 2019 (Volume 46.3-4) issue of Communio entitled Nature in Theology. The PDF can be downloaded here.

The following is taken from the Introduction to the issue:
Margaret H. McCarthy, in “The Emperor’s (New) New Clothes: The Logic of the New ‘Gender Ideology,’” scrutinizes the veiled nihilism at play in the rethinking of gender as a matter of self-identification. In offering an account of its genesis, McCarthy demonstrates that this attempt to eliminate the givenness of sexual difference rests on a denial of the created person’s origin in and ordination toward relations of love. “[W]hat the sexual process makes more visible is the deeper and positive logic of finitude: that we exist by virtue of and for the sake of a co-unity, a unity of two.” Such an embrace of one’s natural finitude as fruitful can only flow from acknowledging that God’s causal power is perfectly generous, hence liberating.

We will be holding a hybrid meeting whereby you are invited to attend in person at the JPII Student Centre, located at St. Michael’s Church, 240 Hemlock Street, Waterloo, Ontario, with masks, physical distancing and attendance recorded, or via Zoom for those not attending in person.

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