Communio Circle Study Day: Words of Christ by Michel Henry

Communio Circle Study Day: Words of Christ by Michel Henry Saturday, June 24th at the Newman Centre Guelph, 325 Gordon Street, Guelph, Ontario

In Words of Christ (Paroles du Christ) — here translated into English for the first time — Michel Henry asks how Christ can be both human and divine. He considers, further, how we as humans can experience Christ’s humanity and divinity through his words. Are we able to recognize this speech as divine, and if so, then how? What can testify to the divine nature of these words? What makes them intelligible? Startling possibilities — and further questions — emerge as Henry systematically explores these enigmas. For example, how does the phenomenology of life bring to light the God of which scripture speaks? Might this new region of phenomenality broaden or transform the discipline of phenomenology itself, or theology? Henry approaches these questions starting from the angle of material phenomenology, but his study has far-reaching implications for other disciplines too. Intended for a wide audience, his work is a uniquely philosophical approach to the question of Christ and to the place of this question in human experience. This highly original, interdisciplinary perspective on Christ’s words was Henry’s last work, published shortly after his death in 2002. (From the Back Cover)

9:00am Kyle Gingerich Hiebert [Introduction and Chapter 1. Words That Christ as a Human Being, Addresses to Humans in Their Own Language – about Themselves]
9:30am Mark Morley [Chapter 2. Disintegration of the Human World as a Result of Christ’s Words and Chapter 3. Upheaval of the Human Condition Through Christ’s Words]
10:00am Andrew Malton [Chapter 4. Words That Christ Addresses to Humans in Their Own Language – No Longer about Them, but about Himself: Affirmation of His Divine Status and Chapter 5. Christ’s Words about Himself: Reaffirmation]
10:30am Open Discussion 10:50am Break 11:00am Stephen Jones [Chapter 6. The Question of the Legitimacy of the Words Spoken by Christ about Himself and Chapter 7. Word of the World, Word of Life] 11:30 Eric Andrew Wallace [Chapter 8. The Word of God: Self-Justification of the Words Spoken by Christ about Himself and Chapter 9. Christ’s Words about the Difficulty for Humans to Hear His Word]
12:00 Dcn. Charles Fernades [Chapter 10. Christ’s Words about the Possibility for Humans to Hear His Word and Conclusion: Listening to the Word: What Christ Said in the Synagogue of Capernaum]
12:30 Open Discussion
12:50 Lunch

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