On the right tract with John Henry Newman

Please excuse the pathetic pun in my subject heading. I simply want to bring your attention to a booklet I am presently reading about this upcoming beatus. This tract on Newman is a pamphlet put out by the U.K. Catholic Truth Society (CTS), London. CTS is the heir to the Oxford Movement’s Tracts as it prints and publishes Catholic literature in a succinct and affordable format. If you are looking for a source that will provide a thoroughly complete backgrounder to this marvelous man then this is the book to read. In this edition of its miniature eighty-page Biographies series John Henry Newman: Apostle to the Doubtful by Meriol Trevor and Léonie Caldecott CTS presents, by far, a most accurate compact backgrounder to his life and thinking. This little booklet will be a gem for those too busy to read ‘everything’ in preparation for the SJU seminar on September 18.
Seán O’Seasnáin SDL (Stray Dog of the Lord)

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